Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Black Rabbits

I need to tell everyone about my weekend. Some laughable things happened. I'll start from the beginning.

One of my best friends in the whole wide world came to see me. And we went to gettysburg to see my roommate and his family.

95 Blue Ford Taurus with sunroof, cd player, leather seats.
Remember this beast, it will come up a time or two in the story.

I saw a lot a lot a lot of geese this weekend.

My Brain
It was definitely on vacation this weekend.

Ok now that you have some pretty good foundation information let's get into it. So we took Abby's sweet pimped-out Taurus to the Burg (I drove). Now, I've traveled back and forth many a times between Aberdaber and Where the War Wasn't, and I've also gone way over the speed limit many a times (it's South Dakota, no one follows the rules). Well this time, in Betty (or Betsy, or Bev, I can't remember her name) I got caught. Yep, nice ol' police officer pulled me over for going 75 in a 65. Oops. South Dakota has a policy of when you get pulled over you go back and sit in the cop car. I thought it was kinda fun, so many buttons and gadgets and all that jazz. So I sat there and we discussed a few important things. Here's a small sampling of the convo:

Aimee (A): I really thought the speed limit through here was 70
Nice Police Officer (NPO): No all two-lane highways in South Dakota are 65. Four lanes are 70
A: Hmm I must have been thinking of Montana then.
NPO: I've only been on interstate in Montana.
A: Are there even any other roads in Montana?
NPO: Uhhh yeah I'm sure there's some back roads somewhere.
Awkard pause in which i realize i'm slighly an idiot

NPO to the guy on the other end of the walkie-talkie: Driver's name is: Adam Ida Matthew Edward Edward...blah blah blah he was speaking in that cool police officer code.
A (after he finishes my name and abby's): That's impressive
NPO: Smiles.
I'm an idiot, but also, a flirt. One time when I was younger my mom said I had a flirting problem. I agree. Anyway, I got out of the ticket and back on the road we went.

When we got to G-town we had to go see Mick and Sandy so we drove out to the house. We laughed and hooted and hollered like we always do, then my roommate said we should come into town, so we did. Now. the snow has been melting like crazy up in these parts, and well some of the roads are covered in water, driveable, but covered. And Mick said before we left that if it looked dangerous turn around and go the other way. SO Abby and I head into town on the gravels and we made it over one road that was covered, but then we came upon another that looked waaayyy too deep in the darkness. I turn the car around because I saw a road sign a little bit earlier and I saw the lights of the town down that way. So we took the road. And all this time Abby and I are being obnoxious and laughing, you know just being reunited and loving. So we don't really notice that our "road" has turned to mud. Oops. Turns out our road was, yes, partially a road, but, it turned into a section line. We tried putting it in reverse then back in drive to try and wiggle ourselves free, but nope, we were in there like swimwear (backyard baseball circa 2000 reference). So we tried the State Farm trick, you know "Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there! With beer! And a tow truck!" No, didn't work.  So we called Michael to come save the day. In the meantime we made friends with the two raccoons that kept staring at us two dingleberries making a lot of noise in the car. At one point, Abby tried to name one of them Roccoco after the famous era of art. So she's screaming "ROCCOCO! ROCCOCO! The coons were not impressed.

After 25 minutes, Michael and his friend DJ pulled us out. Thank goodness Betsy the beast has a trailer hitch on it (Do you know of any Taurus with a trailer hitch!?) so we were pulled out easy as pie.

Ok so that was just Friday. Saturday we did some fun things. I did I mean, Abby and the roommate slept. But I found a sweet rodeo jacket, with the letters TPBR (I decided that stands for Totally.Professional.Bull.Riding. duh), wore it around, looked for geese with Mick Mick all day, drank a few bloody mary's and went on a car ride with mick, sandy and sleeping beauty, Abby. So here's when we once again realize my brain is on Vaca. On the way back to the house, I saw something black and furry in the grass. And I SWORE it was a black rabbit! So me and my big fat mouth said, "Y'all got black rabbits around here?" Welp, found out they don't. Oops.

So those are the fun parts of the weekend. We also pulled Mick out of an at-least decade old retirement from bowling (man the bullrider can roll a rock!) And I ran six miles sunday. And died. What's new.

Shout outs:

The nice man who gave me my South Dakota driver's license place today: thanks for breaking the rules and letting me smile.
My roommate: Thanks for a great dinner last night.
Ray from Kens Super Fair Foods: Thanks for such a great deal on those sandwich buns. Man! .23 cents a bun is out of this world!
Mom: Hiiiiiiiii.
Glee Cast: See you tonight on my DVR!

Friday, March 18, 2011


Like the title? It says ketchup, because I haven't written forever so I need to ketchup. Haha good joke right!?

All right, I'll start from the beginning: this job equals major buttkicker. Who knew sitting at my desk on my exercise ball for nine hours would take so much out of me. Ohmylanta. The first week of work I went home every night and glued my bum to the couch. Did not move until bed time. Yikes. I've adjusted now. I'm just busy all day. Do you want to hear how my day normally goes? Ok I know you do.
-I get to work at around 8 am. Get kinda settled in, fill up my exercise ball a little bit, check my e-mail, send a million messages to my friend megan p. on the third floor then maybe check out the aberdeen american news.
-Then I answer five bagillion e-mails. Seriously, five bagillion. I didn't realize how much e-mail is used by people with big girl jobs, but it's used a lot.
-My office is right by the ladies bathroom so I watch who goes in and out of there. There are two ladies that go in there more than most, but I will not use names for confidentitiality purposes, and embarassment purposes.
- I usually write some stuff that I put on the website, http://www.pcsaints.com/, which is a pretty stellar website if you ask me.
-I'm currently working on our golf tournament plans. The tournament isn't until June 13, but since this is my first ever golf tournament, i'm trying to get started early. In similar news, I never ever thought I'd be planning a golf tournament.
-Around 11:45 to 12 I start to get antsy and my stomach starts yelling, literally yelling, its so stinking loud I feel people down at the end of the hall can hear it. I bring my lunch everyday. I"m a money saver and my roomate always makes way too much food for dinner so I eat it for lunch the next day.
-I also purchased a YMCA membership this week, so I've started to run over my lunch break. I did three and a half miles over the noon hour on Wednesday, and I came back to work looking like a bright red lobster because for some real dumb reason exercise makes my face decide to go into red-mode.
-All right so after lunch I work on some more sports information and advancement stuff. I'm not really allowed to go into detail about it because it's top secret stuff. Jokes, I'm just too lazy to write it all down.
-Oh another thing. I go to alot of meetings. Dumb meetings. I realize, I don't really like meetings. I'm not very good at listening to a person talk about something completely irrelevant to me. So meetings equal the pits.
-I leave between 4:30 and 5. Depending on the weather, my mood, the color shirt I wore that day, and how mad my stomach is.

All right, that's my day-to-day in a nutshell. haha in a nutshell! that's my blog! Now onto some real exciting stuff.

Sewing Machine.
It arrived. I took it out of its box. I looked at it. I stored it behind my couch (see previous paragraphs for reasoning).

I'm running like crazy. Yesterday I did four miles, Wednesday I did three and a half. Monday I did five. This Sunday I have to do six. Balllllin. My poor feet are ugly now. Sorry, feet.

I came across some pretty sweet old chairs that got some pretty good bones on them. After I finish writing I am heading to menards to pick up a stripper. Wood stripper, get your minds out of the gutter people.

One of my best friends in the whole wide world named Abby Kenealy is coming to visit me today. I am so super dooper excited because tonight we are going to Gettysburg to see my roommate and his family and we're going to do a lot of fun things. Like work on my chairs. Shoot my gun. Shoot my gun at clay pigeons. Shoot Mick's gun. Shoot Mick's gun at rabbits. Drink red beers. Fun will be had by all and I cannot wait for it to start!

St. Patrick's Day
My St. Patrick's Day sadly did not live up to previous St. Patrick's Days. For a number of reasons, the biggest reason being I was missing my women. In good ol' Marshy, we used to go pretty buck on St. Paddy's day. Now they still go buck, just without me. Another reason I didn't have fun was because I was tired and stressed (again see first paragraphs of entry). And lastly, I didn't get corned beef and cabbage. However, all was not lost. Lagers had the Aberdeen Fire Dept. Band perform last night, and they had BAGPIPES! Took me right back to my first day in Glasgow, Scotland. Hearing that beautiful sound (Grandma Milly Feeney hates them, she told us we're not allowed to have them at her funeral) made everything nearly better. Oh, and riding the drunk bus sober last night was also interesting. The girl who sat next to me sobbed the whole time and when she got off the bus, she slipped and fell on the ice. Sorry I'm laughing at your expense, dear. Happy St. Paddy's Day.

Cowboy Stuff
I went to a wedding in the Burg two weeks ago. Sasquatch and I wore cowboy gear. We were pretty nice looking. I wore Mick's cowboy boots and hat, and Sandy's turquoise necklace. I'm tellin ya people, I was a looker that night. Anywho, I danced my little buns off the whole night in my cowboy gear, and the next morning, my poor toes were so ouchy! BUT I realized I really want cowboy boots. I told my roommate and some of his friends that I want some. I hope he can take a hint and get them for me.

Ok, I think I'm caught up on the important things. I'll be back soon. I promise.

Abby Oakland: We still need to make gumbo.
Abby Kenealy: Hurry up and get here.
Erin B.: Enjoy your weekend. T-minus 5.5 owlhairs.
Erin Jo.: SPF.
Maggie May: I miss you Maggers.
Patrick: I think you need to visit NSU.
Zac: I hope you're having a great Mustache March.
Velma the receptionist: Sorry I scared you when you were sleeping at your desk  yesterday.