Thursday, May 19, 2011

improvements and changes

I didn't realize my bloggy was such a big deal until not one person, but two people asked for a post. Folks (you know who you are), I feel honored.

So you probs want to know what I've been up to. Well here it is. Lots and lots and lots of big girl work things. I don't feel like I have a life anymore other than working and sleeping. I think I've called my mother, MLB, fifty times about how much I don't like this big girl job business. Last night when I stopped over at my friend Abby O's house (more on that later) I discussed my future life plans. Here they were: a) life insurance agent, b) full-time mary kay lady (also another story) c) crafting, refurbishing, upcycling queen (weird that's also another story, guess my life is more than just work right now).

So I went to visit one of my besties, Abby O, and pick up a sweet bench that used to be her roommate's. The poor bench sat on the poor all winter so it needed some love. Its one of my five million projects on my plate currently, but seriously, crafting projects and running are the only things helping me keep my sanity lately. So yeah, I sanded the bench tonight. I'm going to go over one more time tomorrow then paint it some real awesome color i think.

Speaking of projects, i bought something tonight that i've wanted for a long time: a drill. It was only ten dollars so it's probably gonna crap out on me in a month, but I wanted hang a hook thing on my bathroom wall for my towels so they wouldn't be on the floor and submitted to the wrath of all the spiders i share this apartment with. One time my friend schlo told me if I bought a drill i'd be very butch. But ya know what, Schlo Jo, I really like my drill. It helps me do fun things. And guess what else I bought? A handheld sander, a level, and sandpaper. Now all I need is a tool belt.

Speaking of sharing my roommate moved out. Yes, he left. Don't worry, we still are happy go-lucky, black velvet love drunk. He's just back in gettysburg farming. Since he's moving guess what comes down from the walls!? Yep! The beer signs! While I know they look very fraternity-chic, I'm ready for the chance to change up my decor. And Abby O is moving in soon! Yippee! We're going to have fun and do craft things together and cook really nummy food.

Speaking of crafty things, I planted a garden in gettysburg. Right now it has red onions, yellow onions, red potatoes, and yukon potatoes. BUT! My office garden has tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, green beans, sunflower seeds, and morning glories. They'll be transplanted Sunday after i run my HALF MARATHON in fargo on Sunday. I love my little seeds in my window. I look at them and think of them as my little kids. I can't wait to eat them. Sorry that was vulgar.

Also, I started selling mary kay. It's my attempt at being my own boss, making extra money, and looking hot all the time. Funny thing is that since I started "selling" I've left the house with out wearing make up more than I did before I sold. Such is life. So if you wanna get hot, let MK and me hook you up.

I'm not feeling very funny right now. I don't have any good stories. Well I do, but they aren't nutshell appropriate. Maybe after a little more time know like when something bad happens and someone tells an awful joke, someone else says ohhhh too soon. well yeah its still too soon. but when they come out, you'll laugh.


V: Ginny, you're my favorite person at work. I think I agree with you when you say if I stick with you, I'll go far.
Jackie E: Ciao! Come stai, Bella! Hope you're enjoying Italy!
Sundrop Girl: Thanks for stealing my dance moves, and becoming rich and famous. You owe me.
Luane from the Real Housewives of New York: I agree with Alex, you are a thug in a cocktail dress. Just because you have the title countess in front of your name (royalty is dead lady, we live in 'Merica) does not mean you know everything about everything. You're a big bully.
Mom: Holla!

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