Tuesday, July 26, 2011

strawberries, peppers, and thunderstorms


Ok, I'm busting at the seems to tell you what I just made. Wanna know!? Strawberry infused vodka and pepper infused vodka. Ohymylanta, my weekend just got really exciting because of this stuff! Lemme tell you about it.

So my roommate, Abby O, told me about this vodka-infusion-make-your-eyes-cross-and-your-brain-explode awesomeness. We were going to make it together but she went to the Black Hills. And I got antsy. I went online and googled this magical potion she spoke of, and I found it here. There's a poo-mound full of different infusions you can try, but strawberries and peppers were on sale at Wal Mart so I got those (also, good news, Wally now sells hard liquor!). I came home real fast like and chopped away. First I made the strawberry vodka. I used entire pint of berries--cut the tops off and quarter the rest of the fruit. I put the fruit in a mason jar (I like mason jars way more than the average person should, but I love the homemade do-it yourself, redneck nostalgia) and dumped Phillips vodka (wayyy classy by the way) over the fruit. Put a lid on it and put it in the fridge for 3-7 days shaking it no more than twice a day. I did the same with the peppers except I cored them taking out the seeds because they contain the most heat. PLEASE NOTE: If you don't have gloves, like I didn't, wash your hands IMMEDIATELY. Like don't rub your eyes after touching hot seeds because it hurts like a bia.

Here's what my creation looks like.

And here's my fridge. She's a beaut.

So anyway, I can't wait for Friday. I might have to have a strawberry drink before work....JOKES!...but seriously, I can't wait.

Also, there is a thunderstorm roaring outside right now. 70 mile an hour winds, yeah boy! I just saw the Wicked Witch of the West ride by on her bicycle. There's no place like home. There's no place like home.

Wanna see the sky? Ok I'll show you.

And one more picture for good measure now that I know how to add pictures to this thing.

Hello river at sunrise. You're my favorite. 

Ok last one I promise. I love my captain. Even when he sunburns his eyes and has to look like a 40-year old. :)

Three days til the weekend. But who's counting.

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