Saturday, November 5, 2011

Birthday Wisdom

24 years ago today, I graced this world with my presence. Let's just say, people were impressed. Well, at least Mary Linda and Karl and the grandparents were.

Since then, a lot has changed (obviously, did I even need to say that?). I've learned a lot in my nearly two and a half decades of life. Let me share.

1. Family is important.
I've seen families fight, fued, and break apart. It's not cool. It's hard to watch, because most times, it's over trivial things.My hope is that the four people I'm closest with (five if you count our family dog), will never let stupid little things get in the way of the love and support we have for one another.

2. Don't sit on the toilet before checking for toilet paper.
Unless you don't mind either a) shouting loudly for someone else to bring you some, b)  running around with your pants down while you find toilet paper, or 7) drip drying.

3. Aging is required, growing up is not.
 My favorite example of this is my Great Aunt Fay. I think she's almost 80 now, and they just hired her at Trader Joes down in the Phoenix area. Why? Because she's full of life! I stayed with her and her husband my sophomore year of college over spring break and I learned so much from her just from her attitude: she ate well, she exercised daily, she loved her family, and she wasn't afraid to talk to total strangers and brighten their days. I loved that!  I hope that when I get to 80 I've got the same crazy personality I have today.

4. When in need of a major pick-me-up, turn to an elderly man (or woman if you're a boy).
I am seriously not kidding on this one. Old guys are so cute in their old sweaters and khaki pants above their belly buttons and their white socks, that it's hard not to love them. Then they open their mouths and have some ridiculous joke that you can't help but laugh. I feel God really knows when I'm struggling when an old man crosses my path. and makes me smile.

5. Don't over correct, don't swerve to miss a deer, and ALWAYS wear your seatbelt.

6. Liquor before beer, in the clear. Beer before liquor, never been sicker.
Myth. Trust me.

7. Life gets hard.
This is something I realllllllyyyy learned this year when I started my first big girl job nine hours away from my family. My poor mother and father get a phone call nearly every week (sometimes more than once a week) from me where I'm  either crying or cussing or frustrated or just plain mad. Thanks for always listening Ma and Pa. And thanks for all the advice, support and cheerings. They've really helped me get through some really rough days. You've taught me no matter where I go, there will always be that someone who will knock me down, and make me feel like my work is not good enough, or not up to par. I've learned things like that need to go in one ear and out the other. Otherwise, I'll drive myself to drinking a full bottle of wine every night.

Ok those are the lessons for now. Probably won't change much next year because these are things I've constantly had to remind myself over the years, but each time feels like I've learned them again.  Everyone go out, hug your family, have a drink, and cheers to everything you've learned in your lives!

Shout outs:
Patty Cakes!: Yeah Pat! Started your first game of your college career Wednesday night! So proud of you, looked awesome on tv (ok on my computer). Go Bulldogs!
Dori: Congrats on an awesome four years of volleyball. Now get after it, and get your "post-volleyball" legs back!
Jada: Happy 21st, Birthday Twin! Don't die at Hobo days!
Michael: Thank you for the awesome cowboy boots. I love them. I know you've got something else up your sleeve and I can't wait to see what it is. Thanks for being the best.  I love you.

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  1. #5- sounds a lot like mrs. gilroy! annnd you can always call me crying or frustrated...i'm good at making you laugh :)