Friday, February 18, 2011


I'm a copycat. My best friend Erin Jo Schlotfeldt started a blog (to view, click here )awhile ago and I really liked reading it so I decided I should write one too (in hopes that maybe others will like it). So here we go.

I'm currently living in Aberdeen, South Dakota. I work at Northern State in the Sports Information Department, but starting Feb. 28 I will be the Sports Information Director at Presentation College, the small Catholic college in town. I'm pumped for a number of reasons: a) I got a big girl job! b) I'm doing exactly what I want to do with my career. 7) I'll be making moolah.

I'm going to see my boyfriend's family this weekend. It was his mom's birthday earlier this week (Happy Birthday, Sandy!) so we're going to celebrate. Those folks in Gettysburg sure know how to celebrate. Anywhoo Michael (the bf) got me a pink shotgun for my birthday (remington 870 pump action with mossy oak camo) which was way back in november. We still haven't put the gun in my name so I have to take the blushing beauty with me tomorrow so we can take care of that business. I never in my wildest dreams thought I would ever own a gun in my life. And now I do. Crazier things have happened I guess.

In related news, I have to become a resident of South Dakota now. I'm torn by this fact because I love being an Iowan (52742, holla!). There's just something about the place that was once referred to as "Heaven" (Field of Dreams, 1987, "Is this heaven?" "No, its Iowa.") that I have trouble parting with. I will always be an Iowan, speciffically Eastern Iowan, at heart. BUT, now that I will switch my driver's license from Iowa to Sodak I can get an in-state hunting licsense for a fraction of the price I would have had to pay as an Iowan. Now, many may say, "Aimee, you don't hunt!" but the truth is, I think I do. I mean I own a gun, I've shot it seven times, maybe eight, and when I went with Michael and his father, Mick! Mick! The Bull Rider!, I actually enjoyed it. That's another thing I never thought I'd say. Sooo yes, I'm gonna get a hunting license, and then I'm going to shoot some roosters. Until then, I'm gonna practice my accuracy on Big Buck Hunter in the living room.

Shout outs:
Jacque Scoby: my boss. It's her birthday. Happy Birthday.
Erin Jo: Roll Tide
My sister Erin: Don't lose your wallet today.
My Mom: Hi, I miss you.
Garth Brooks: Please go on tour again. Thanks.

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  1. i love it. a lot. but not as much as i love you.