Thursday, February 24, 2011

Zombies love you for your brain

That's a random statement. Similar to my life right now. I've been feeling random and a little out of sorts. But in a good way. Here are a few examples of my randomness.

As of two and a half days ago, I've been obbsessed with anything handmade, homemade, refurbished and the like. I think this obbsession is stemming from my desire to decorate my apartment (see previous post). So for the last two days in the office I have been spending ridiculous amounts of time looking at the website, Etsy. Its a website of absolutely everything and anything made by real humans and not machines in factories, or small Chinese women (sorry, those are real humans too, my mistake). Anyway, they have really awesome stuff that I know would look awesome in my apartment. All this looking at handmade stuff gave me an epiphany: I can make that stuff too! So today when I left work I headed straight for the Salvation Army to find a wooden frame that I could put a piece of plywood and paint with chalkboard paint. Only, when I got there I completely lucked out: I found a wooden frame WITH a piece of plywood in it! Yahtzeee! One stipulation, someone had carved an illustration of two sitting pheasants into it. I tried sanding it when I got home, but I was just too lazy so I painted right over it. You can only see it if you stand at just the right angle (ok so that angle is straight in front of it-don't judge me). I feel accomplished now. I made something neato for my kitchen. Too bad I don't have chalk. I'll get some.

I also want to start sewing. I found a little sewing machine on Ebay for twenty bucks that I think will be a good investment. I want to make pillows for my couch and some curtains for my living room window, and a runner for my kitchen. I found a pretty easy looking pattern on some lady's blog today so I'll let you know how it goes.

I found out today that Northern State offers bowling as an intramural sport! Now, I will be the first to tell you that my 84 average is nothing to get excited about, but I really like bowling. Last year, when my roommate and I had just kinda start seeing each other (real secretive and on the down-low like) we would always go bowling. Who ever lost would have to buy the other person a drink, so by the end of our night, I'd be poor and he'd be sauced. Since then, I've only come close to beating Michael two times-both at Liberty Lanes in Gettysburg  once at three in the morning after the American Legion closed, and once when we subbed for some people he knew in Monday night league. Shout out to Brett Bauer, you run a mean bowling alley, and cook a tasty Red Baron pizza, friend. Anyway, since I found out there's intramural bowling, I've been trying to figure out a way I can get into it. If not I could always go on Monday nights here in Aberdeen when bowling is only ONE DOLLAR a game!

Half Marathon
I'm running a half marathon on May 19 or 20 or something in Fargo. This was supposed to be my first week of training. I haven't ran yet. I better tonight. More on that adventure at another time.

I have a lot of leftovers in my fridge right now. I like to cook too much and I always forget that I have perfectly good food from last night's dinner waiting to be eaten in my fridge. I think, after my run, I'm going to eat a bunch of them and take care of those leftovers. Ok, maybe not a bunch. Just some.


My brother Patrick who I love dearly: Tonight Pat is balling it up in Maquoketa, Iowa against my mother, Mary Linda's alma mater, Dubuque Wahlert. Good luck fool. Maybe after you win you can text me and we can be friends again?

Megan Stadler, affectionately known as LMM: I think you should move to Aberdeen. Bring Ollie Cooper Dash Puff. Maybe not, I can't have pets here. P.S. Let's go to Scotland again.

Bucky Covington: Thanks for your consideration in choosing Aberdeen as a location for your tour. Your $10 tickets for next Thursday's show guaruntee that I will in fact be in the crowd.

Megan Betz: I hope you're ear infection is going away. Those are the pits.


  1. remember when you were really into making baskets? i still have mine.

  2. funny thing is I almost bought basket stuff today. I'm ready to get back into those sweeeet lil things!

  3. you're nuts. i love it. sorry patty cakes loves me more... i'll give maggie may a little hug for you tonight.