Monday, February 28, 2011


Sorry. It's been awhile.

I've been busy. Well technically this weekend, I wasn't busy at all. I sat on my couch pretty much the entire 48 hours watching Keeping up with the Kardashians. My kinda party. I was slightly productive. I indulged my new craft obbsession by purchasing fabric and my sewing machine. Should be here by Thursday. Ballllinnn!

But enough with the small talk, let's get to the meat and potatoes of today's entry: my. new. job. That's right ladies and gents. I started work today as the Sports Information Director and Athletic Advancement at Presentation College. I didn't sleep well last night cuz I was scared I'd sleep through my 7:00 a.m. alarm (which I didn't since I woke up every hour). Anywho, I got to work, filled out some paperwork, played with my new computer, did sports information type things, and had an all-around productive/exciting/overwhelming day.

Let me tell you a few of the interesting facts about the day:
-I have my own office. Its nice and big and I have a lap top as well as a single monitor that I can hook up to the lap top. There's some way to show two different things on each screen but I haven't figured that out yet. So today I sat there with two of the same screens. I tried to use my peripheral vision to see both screens at once while staring straight ahead. My head started to hurt.
-My office is mostly beige, with one weird colored orange wall. I don't know why someone would choose this orange, it's real gross looking. I'll paint it soon. Light green. And sew some curtains for the windows.
-There is a poster from either WWII or the Korean Conflict in my office. It's of a nurse encouraging other women to become nurses. I'm going to keep it and frame it.
-This is the big one: I'm a pioneer. That's right, I made history today. I am the first female sports information director in the Upper Midwest Athletic Conference. Pretty fricken sweet if you ask me!

So yeah, I had a good day. I like Presentation, things are happening at a progressive rate, and the president is a woman from Australia. My kind of place!

Shout outs:
-My two Erin's: Thanks for gong home this weekend while I hung out with Kim and Kourtney. I'm a jelly.
-My dog Maggie: I hope you're skin allergies aren't keeping you awake at night anymore.
-Abby Oakland: Sorry I couldn't be at Northern today to talk about a whole lot of funny things. I'll see you in my best friend's class tomorrow.
-My roommate/sasquatch/awesome boyfriend: Thanks for turning my purchase of wrong ingredients into a really good homemade pizza. Sometimes you're a good cook. I'm still better.
-Bucky Covington: See you Thursday!

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  1. so happy for you! and i'm still waiting for a picture of your office and a rundown of day to day activities. kgreatthanksloveyou!